Giselle Caldwell & Payton Jensen

Best Christmas Ever



Helping struggling families during the holiday season.



Best Christmas Ever (BCE) is a local-based non-profit that works closely with local communities and business partners to provide the "best Christmas ever" for families who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. Over 800 families were nominated by loved ones and for the two families selected, their loved ones created wish list tags for things the family needs or that could help to make their hard days a little brighter.


  1. Select a tag from the Helmer Dance Christmas tree in our lobby.

  2. Purchase the item on the tag. 

  3. Return the item and tag to the studio.


Wish list items must be returned to the project bin in the lobby by Dec 15th!

Items must be unwrapped, and the tag needs to be attached to the item so they can be tracked properly. 

You can also donate to this non-profit by scanning the QR code on the project bin in the lobby or by clicking on this link -