Service Society Guidelines

Decide on a project that is important to you. Once your project is approved, we will put the information on our website, Facebook and include your project in our weekly/monthly email newsletters to promote your service project. Your project will have a bin/envelope located in the lobby/office to collect all of the donated items. Project ideas include collecting items that are things that we often have in our homes. For example: canned goods, coats, toiletries, etc. Be sure to check each bin because there may be several projects going on at the same time.


Contributing to a project: When you have items to donate, drop them off in the office and an office staff member will fill out a service society slip for you. With each item you donate, you will be awarded points. Before you know it, these points will add up! At the end of the year the dancer with the most points gets an award to celebrate their giving.


Hosting a project: When you host a project, you are also awarded points. At the end of the year the dancer with the most points gets an award to celebrate their giving.

To host a project, please complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out an application and turn it into the office. Please apply no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of your project. This allows us to prepare and to promote your project in a timely manner. The form is available at the front desk or on our website under the Service Society tab. Email the form to or hand it in at the desk for approval. Please put “Attn: Kourtney” in the subject line if you email your application.

  2. Once your project is approved:

    1. Email us a flier to be posted on our website, Facebook page and other social media outlets. Also bring three printed, color flyers for us to post in the studio.

    2. A bin/envelope will be placed in the lobby/office, or you can provide a bin/envelope specific to your project.

    3. Each time you come to the studio, check your bin and take items collected home. This ensures that all items get to you and keeps your bin from overflowing.

    4. Tell all your friends about the project!

    5. When your project is complete, please pick up the remaining donations and any other items specific to your project. 

    6. Please email any photos of your project to We’d love to put them on our website and social media!

    7. Please understand that the office staff is not responsible for any loss or damage to items.