The 2021 Candlelight Stroll

'Twas the Candlelight Stroll

And the candles were lit,

The store windows glistened,

It would be just a bit.


The people were coming

To see all the lights,

To shop in the stores,

To see all the sights.


But what to their wondering eyes

Should appear?

But beautiful Dolls

Dressed in holiday gear!


They stood in the windows

And rarely they moved,

But then when they did

The crowds cooed and cooed!


There were Rockettes and Elves,

Christmas Gifts and Trees

Soldiers and Snowmen,

And Shoppers, oh please!


Santa and Clara

With a nutcracker too,

And wouldn't you know there
Grinch and Cindy Lou Who!


They stood in the windows

Or sat on the chairs,

Moving only so slightly

Amid all the stares.


With a wink or a nod,

Or a mischievous grin,

They held their positions

While people walked in.


The carolers strolled up and down

The Main Street,

While friends would gather

To get something to eat.


The laughter, the smiles,

The young and the old,

The photos, the joy

No one felt any cold!


The shops were abuzz

With goodies delight,

What a beautiful, wonderful,

Magical night!


The shoppers grew weary,

The children grew tired,

The candles burned down,

And were almost expired.


The stores were now closing,

Thoughts of pillows and beds,

While dreams of the Holly Dolls

Danced in their heads.


Merry Christmas to all

And a Happy New Year,

The Holly Dolls will return,

To Hudson next year!

2021 Holly Dolls Movie

Coming Soon
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