Helmer Dance 2019 Spring Recital

Hudson High School

1501 Vine St., Hudson, WI 54016


June 13, 6:00pm

June 14, 6:00pm

June 15, 1:00pm Matinee, 3:00pm Solo Showcase
and 6:00pm Company Show



For 37 years, the Helmer Dance Studio has provided students with an
exciting performance experience through its spring recital. The annual
staple of the dance school, the recital, conjures images of childhood and
Americana for many. The recital offers our students a professionally
directed performance that allows them to present to their families and
friends the results of a year’s hard work, dedication and progress.


The recital commitment is the responsibility of both students and parents. We’ve created this handbook in an effort to clarify what is expected of students and parents in terms of commitment and responsibility to the annual recital, the school, and other students and parents. 


Recital Package

In November, 2018, we processed the payment for recreational students’ costume bundle.  Included in the bundle was the recital costume and all accessories, the recital tee shirt, and the recital DVD. The bundle for Company and Performance was included in your team fee. The tee shirts will be handed out in class in April. Students may wear their shirts to class once they are handed out. Students should still wear their tights and leotards, but the shirt may be worn over. Company and Performance may not wear the shirts to ballet class. The usual black ballet uniform is still required.


The finished DVDs will arrive at the studio a couple weeks or so after the recitals. You may pick yours up anytime. We will send out an email when they come in. PLEASE NOTE! WE DO NOT MAIL DVDS TO YOUR HOME. IF YOU WANT US TO MAIL IT TO YOU, THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA POSTAGE CHARGE OF $3.00. PLEASE LET US KNOW BEFORE THE RECITAL IF YOU WANT US TO MAIL IT.                                            


Recital Assignments

Most students will perform in just one show, a matinee or an evening show, depending on age. Families with more than one child dancing or who have students in multiple classes can expect to be in more than one show and perhaps more than one dress rehearsal. While we try very hard to get siblings in the same show, it doesn’t always work. Company students will perform in all 3 evening shows. 


Hair and Makeup
We have asked recreational students in several classes to wear their hair a certain way, low ponytail, high ponytail, bun, etc. Please check the instructions on the card in your garment bag pocket or our website, www.helmerdance.com, Pictures/Rehearsal/Recitals, for your child’s hair. The costume headpiece must be in the same place for all students. No exceptions. You have received a photo of the costume showing where the headpiece is. Everyone must be the same. If you are still unsure, ask Carol, Cheri or Kourtney. Do not ask your teacher where the head piece is to go. He or she may not know. 


All female students should wear makeup for the recital: A light foundation is good, eyeshadow, mascara, if tolerated, lipstick and blush. Little girls in the matinee do not have to wear eyeshadow or mascara. For the boys, a light foundation and a little blush works well. Boys should not wear lipstick or eye makeup. Female students do not wear underwear, tights only. The exception being 2 year olds who may not be potty trained yet. Boys wear underwear. 


No Jewelry of any kind: earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc. 

Also, do not wear anything in the hair that does not go with the costume.

Please do not get ears pierced a week before the recital. If we allow even one student to wear earrings for the recital, we must allow that for everyone.


Remove fingernail polish.



The recital isn’t a one-day activity. Start early by gathering all costumes, accessories, tights, shoes and makeup so you will know if something is missing or isn’t right. The studio cannot replace a headpiece that is missing a week before the show. Keep all pieces together in one place preferably in a closet or on a shelf that is not accessible to your dog or cat. We have had some anxious moments over that. 


A good idea is to make a check list of all costumes, shoes, tights and accessories and refer to it before leaving for the auditorium. Bring extra bobbi pins, hair spray, band-aids, shout wipes, safety pins, a comb or brush for touch ups, if needed, and Kleenex.


Dress Rehearsal

All recreational students should arrive at the Hudson High school already dressed in costume, tights, headpiece and any accessories. There are no dressing rooms available, except the rest rooms, on rehearsal day. Remember to bring all your shoes. It is not necessary to style the hair or wear makeup for the rehearsal. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and have a seat in the auditorium so we can start on time. 


Company and Performance students do not wear their costumes. The black class uniform should be worn.


The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings, and to feel comfortable with their performances, costumes, and being onstage. It is important that all students participate in the dress rehearsal. You have been provided with the day of your dress rehearsal. Your actual rehearsal time will be sent very soon. If in doubt, check the website or give us a call. The finale’ will be rehearsed first. Teachers will be teaching the finale’ dance to students during the months of April and May. We need all students present for the finale’ rehearsal. When you are finished rehearsing your numbers, you may leave the auditorium. Plan to spend at least one to two hours at the rehearsal. We cannot give you a specific rehearsal time for your class.  However, the lineup will be posted on the bulletin board in the waiting room.


Assigned Dressing Rooms

On recital day, all recreational students, boys and girls, will remain in the band room. Female recreational students who have costume changes will change in the multi-purpose room off the band room and boys with costume changes will change in the boys dressing room behind the stage.


- Performance students will change in the multi-purpose room.

- Company Juniors, Pre-Teens and Teens will be in the orchestra room.

- Company Sr. Line will be in the dressing rooms behind the stage. 

- Boys will be in a dressing room behind the stage.  Look for the sign.


Follow the signs.


Electronic Equipment

We recommend that students not bring mobile phones, Ipads, tablets, etc. to the recital.  Every year, someone loses his/her phone. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  It’s best to leave electronics home or in the car.



Family members and friends are not to be backstage or in the dressing rooms during the recitals. The same applies during intermission and after the shows. There is a lot of activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area. Please remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas. Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers must do so in the lobby area. 


Moms of toddlers may be in the dressing room, if needed.


Recital Ticket Policy

Recital tickets are available online only. It is super easy. The website is similar to “Ticketmaster.” It is called

“Tututix”. You can access that website at www.tututix.com. Click on “Buy Tickets”. Scroll down to “Wisconsin” and then select “Helmer Dance”. Our four shows will then be shown. Click on the show that you want, choose your seats and follow the prompts to pay for the tickets. You can choose to have them mailed to you or to download and print them online. Tututix charges a fee of approximately $1.50 per ticket.


Please note: We will accept printed tickets and etickets on phones.


Tickets will go on sale, April 1, at 5:00 pm. We would highly recommend that you purchase your tickets early. The auditorium seats 760. We cannot sell any more tickets than that. Once 760 tickets have been sold, we are done. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you may purchase, but please get them early.  We will track the amount of tickets that are sold daily.  If we see that a show is getting close to being sold out, we will limit the sale of tickets.  We need to make sure that all parents are able to attend the show.


Wrist Bands

Each family will receive one wristband the first week of May. This wristband will allow one female parent or guardian to enter the dressing room area. Students will be changing costumes so no men are allowed in that area. After the show, the parent with the wristband may come to the assigned dressing room to pick up her child. No child will be released to anyone who is without a wristband. Don’t panic if you misplace your wristband.  We will have extras at the table in the lobby.


Company Moms will have wristbands this year instead of lanyards.



While we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our young people, the high school is a public building. We do not allow men or friends and relatives to be in the hallway by the dressing rooms.  Only moms or responsible female guardians with wristbands are allowed in that area. At the end of each show, the Helmer staff will escort the performers back to their respective dressing rooms.  Please do not grab your child out of line as we walk past you.  Wait until we get all students back in the choir room.  That is where you may pick up your child, as long as you have the wristband.  


Solo Showcase

Our fun and exciting Company solo showcase will be held at 3:00 on Saturday, June 14. Come and watch our lovely soloists perform. This is a free show.

Flowers for Your Dancer

We will be selling flowers in the lobby again at all shows. 


Recital Etiquette

Please arrive early to obtain seating as the curtain will go up at exactly 6:00 for the evening

shows and 1:00 for the matinee.  Late arrivals will not be let into the auditorium while a group is performing.  The auditorium doors will be open between numbers only.  Please respect this as it is a courtesy to our young people performing and the audience.  Once seated, please remain so.  If you or someone in your party must leave, please leave between numbers only.  Even though you may be in the aisle when you leave, you are blocking someone’s view of the stage.


We ask that parents, friends and relatives not call out names of students during the recital.  It distracts the student and is annoying to other audience members.


Please do not allow young children to run around in the auditorium during the show.

Videotaping of the dress rehearsals and the shows is not allowed. Flash pictures are not allowed. Please respect this rule. Video recording with smart phones or hand held devices is distracting to the dancers who see the green lights and unfair to those who are respecting the rules. 

PLEASE NOTE: We regret that we cannot allow videotaping of the dress rehearsals and the recitals. The comfort and safety of our students is of utmost concern to us. We have found that videos have shown up on social media and children are being recorded without the consent of parents, so we respectfully ask that parents not tape any portion of a dress rehearsal or the recitals. If you see this happening in the audience around you, please speak up. It is for the safety of your child as well as all others. Anyone found breaking this rule will be asked by an usher to stop.


Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium. Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the dressing rooms, including water. Snacks will be available in the lobby at intermission time.. It would be a good idea to feed your children before you come to the school. 


Performers should arrive at the Hudson High School at least 30 minutes prior to show time and proceed directly to the band room or other designated dressing rooms.


Recreational students should arrive already in costume with hair and makeup done. We will be sending out the lineups for each show to those who have costume changes so you know which costume is first.


Performers are not allowed in the auditorium. All students must remain in the assigned dressing rooms. There will be dance moms assigned to the dressing rooms to help students and parents.  


Please inform all relatives and guests attending our shows of the recital policies regarding videotaping, food, etc. While parents of our students are aware of these policies, relatives and friends often are not.


Our students have worked very hard all year in preparation for this exciting event. We applaud them and we are very thankful to you, the parents, for your support and help.