Studio Handbook 2021-2022


About This Handbook

For 40 years, the Helmer Dance Studio (HDS) has been a leader in dance education and professional training.  Our faculty and staff are committed to providing the finest quality training in an environment that is nurturing, challenging and disciplined. Our goal is to educate the mind, body and soul of each student. We believe that our success comes as a result of quality training and passion and staying true to the traditions of dance as an art form.


We believe in education and teaching skills that will last a lifetime. Our dance classes provide our students with the confidence needed to instill pride and a higher self -esteem.


We have created this handbook to provide our students and parents with a clear understanding of the commitment and responsibility that is required to train at HDS. All students and parents are expected to abide by the rules, guidelines and regulations outlined within this handbook. It is the responsibility of every family to read and understand this handbook.


To The Parent

HDS relies on a positive atmosphere for our faculty, dancers and parents. Our program promotes a positive learning experience for all participants. We believe that the dancer’s success depends on the support of parents or guardians. Your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference. We encourage you to be a supportive part of your child’s dance education.


To The Student

Students are expected to treat Helmer Dance Studio staff and fellow students with respect and a positive attitude. Dance class is not just for socializing. It is a time for focus, dedication and learning. Excessive talking in class is distracting and disrespectful to the teachers and classmates. 


Contact with Parents and Guardians

Helmer Dance Studio communicates important information to our families via email. Parents should check their email periodically and read what has been sent. We will be informing parents about costumes, cancellations, holidays, recital tickets, etc., etc. 

Split Family Policy

The staff and faculty of Helmer Dance Studio, LLC, are always happy to assist parents in any way possible to make their dance experience a pleasant one. In split family situations, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that both parents are aware of what is happening. Emails will be sent to all email addresses provided to us in your dancer's account. If we have contact information for both parents, then both receive the exact same information and are well informed. If we do not have that information, then we, at Helmer Dance, have no further obligation.


If we need a decision from the parents about any financial issue or any given activity within our dance program, we will not mediate between the parents. The parents must communicate with each other and the primary parent in our system who is the billing contact will provide the decision to our office.


Unless there is a specific court order in place, employees of Helmer Dance will not become involved in domestic disagreements. Both parents have the right to enter the HDS premises, the recital facility and any competition facility.  


Dress Code

Our classes require a basic uniform, but the students are given some options. Dress codes for each genre of class can be found in our online store at Please follow Nimbly's sizing guidelines when placing an order. We also have sizing shoes and leotards in the studio if you would like to have your dancer try on a size prior to placing an order. 



We ask that parents notify the office if a student will be absent from class.


Good attendance is critical to consistent progress and advancement. Students missing an excessive number of classes during the year will not advance. They will also hold back the other students in the class. It is difficult for the teachers to choreograph the dances if there is always someone missing.


Punctuality is also critical. A student arriving 10 minutes late to class has missed the warm up and exercises at the barre. This is technique that all students need in order to stay at the same level as everyone else in the class. 


Parents must pick up their children promptly when class is over. 


Injuries, Illness & Allergies

Your acknowledgment online is certification of your child’s ability to participate in his/her dance class. Please note any chronic illnesses or physical conditions, allergies or recent injuries on the registration form. Students who are injured, but not ill, are asked to attend class and observe. 


If your child is sick, please keep him/her home. We do not want your child to be uncomfortable in class nor do we want to pass on an illness to others in the studio.


Inclement Weather and Holidays

Helmer Dance is closed for Thanksgiving Break, a Holiday Break, Spring Break and Memorial Day. In case of inclement weather, check out our website and social media for closing announcements. We will also send out a mass email or text to all students if the studio is closing due to bad weather.  


Class Cancellations

HDS reserves the right to cancel any class at the beginning of the year with fewer than 6 registrations. The week before a class is scheduled to begin, enrolled students will be contacted and offered an alternate class. If a student is unable to attend any other class, a full refund will be given, by check or credit card credit. 



It is our hope that, once registered, students and parents will commit to the dance program for the entire year. It can be difficult for remaining students and the teacher if a student drops mid-year.  Often, the dances must be re-written and students must learn new and/or different parts. Children need to learn to finish what has been started. Make this a life lesson. 


The parent must contact the office to report the withdrawal of a student. Do not tell the teacher or send word with another parent or student. Withdrawal Forms can be found on our website.


Tuition and Payment Policy

All tuition is paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit/debit cards. Costumes, dance wear and other fees will also be processed through EFT or credit/debit cards. All Helmer families must have a bank account number or credit/debit card number on file in their account. You can change or update this information at any time within your Parent Portal. 


Tuition is based on an annual fee that is divided into 10 monthly installments for your convenience. Snow days are factored into the annual tuition cost. There are no tuition refunds for missed classes or classes canceled for weather. 


Recital Fee

The Recital Fee for recreational dancers includes their costume, recital tights, headpiece, garment bag, recital t-shirt and recital video link. 


Company and Performance Line dancers need to follow their Expense Calendars for costumes, team fees, etc.


Lost and Found

Items left in the studio will be collected and placed in the red lost and found box in the lobby.  Students are encouraged to leave jewelry, Ipads, cell phones and any other valuable items at home. 

Students are also encouraged to write their names in all shoes, team jackets, Helmer sweats and tees and any other items of clothing that are near and dear to them. Please write the full name and not just initials. Helmer Dance Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Substitute Teachers

There may be some times when your child’s class has a substitute teacher for the night. All of the Helmer teachers are trained in the same curriculum for all age groups and ability levels. 


Recital Notes

Helmer Dance has an annual Recital in June at the Hudson High School. Recital tickets go on sale in May. Tickets are purchased online through We urge everyone to get their tickets early. Shows do sell out.


Loyalty Rewards

At recital time, we present 5 year, 10 year and 15 year pins to students who have had continuous dance education at Helmer Dance for those milestones. The purpose behind this presentation is to reward the student for his/her accomplishment in staying with the program and becoming a skilled dancer and performer.  


Graduating Senior recognition policy

Every year we acknowledge and recognize graduating seniors at the recital.


Helmer Dance Building and Grounds

During nice weather, tables/chairs and benches are located outside of the studio for your enjoyment. If you have young children outside, they must be supervised by an adult at all times. Neither parents nor children should be on the property or by the building of “Healing Waters” next door. Please stay on Helmer Dance property.


For the comfort and safety of all our guests at Helmer Dance, please do not bring your pets to dance. 

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds, in the building or in the parking lot.